Buy stock in Facebook stock, the first thing you’ll want to do is buy shares in its underlying businesses.

This will allow you to easily buy shares of Facebook for your own investment.

The company announced on Monday that it had purchased a record $1.5 billion stake in WhatsApp, which allows people to send text messages and video messages without having to talk to their cellphones.

Facebook said it would buy WhatsApp shares for $1 per share for the next 12 months, giving it an estimated $2.8 billion of WhatsApp’s $6.8 bn market value.

Facebook has a strong investment portfolio and has made its share buyback program one of its biggest bets.

To understand the process of buying WhatsApp shares, you need to understand two things: how the stock is structured and what it can be used for.

WhatsApp shares are publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

They are listed on a “strategic buyback” plan.

A strategic buyback is designed to help investors save money by buying a small portion of the company’s market value and reinvesting that in the company.

For example, if you own 100 WhatsApp shares and invest 10% of them, you could buy WhatsApp for $200,000.

This would save you $200 per share, or $3,500 per share.

To buy WhatsApp, you’ll need to make two calls.

First, you can call the company directly to buy WhatsApp stock and then you can make a “buyback” call to buy another 20 WhatsApp shares.

The “buy” part is important because you’ll get WhatsApp stock if you make the buyback call, and you can also sell the WhatsApp shares you bought to another person or entity if you’re not buying WhatsApp stock.

You can make these calls to any phone number.

For WhatsApp, the process is a bit complicated because the company is owned by WhatsApp, Inc. The company operates its own business called WhatsApp Messenger, which is used by people all over the world.

WhatsApp also operates WhatsApp VoIP.

In WhatsApp, people can communicate using WhatsApp Messenger using a phone number that they create.

The number you create must be within your reach, and the person who creates the number can use it anywhere in the world without having a cellphone.

To make a buyback or strategic buyout call, you call the WhatsApp shareholder service and ask to call the number that is listed on your account.

You will then receive a call number and then, once the call is placed, you must click on the “make a call” button.

This lets you make a call to WhatsApp shareholders in the US and select the stock you want to buy.

You must then complete the transaction by sending a money order to the number you have set up.

If you want the stock to become worthless, you will need to send another money order for it to become a “no longer valid” stock.

The person who received the money order has to then sell WhatsApp stock at a market price.

You need to pay the market price of WhatsApp stock before you can sell it at a price below the original market price you set up the deal to.

The process of creating a buy order is not as simple as you might think.

For a strategic buyoff, you have to send a wire transfer and the buyer will have to fill out a form with a bunch of information.

This is all handled by WhatsApp.

The first step is to fill it out online, and then on WhatsApp, users can create a “shareholder” account.

This account can then be used to send money to WhatsApp.

You must use the WhatsApp stock account in order to make a strategic buying call, but the stock price doesn’t change from day to day.

Instead, WhatsApp shares trade at a different price on the market.

This makes it difficult to track the price changes for individual WhatsApp shares or individual WhatsApp investors.

You also can’t buy WhatsApp as a cash flow.

Instead, you would use a “cash flow” account to transfer money to a “stock.”

This means that you will send money from your stock account to a bank account.

That money will be deposited in a bank’s account and then used to buy stock from the stock.

In this way, you control the cash flows that are generated by the stock in the long run.

The money you send from your bank account to the stock account is called a “contribution.”

You can make several strategic buyouts and strategic buybacks in a short period of time.

This means you can use WhatsApp’s stock buyback process to buy up to 10 WhatsApp shares per day.

WhatsApp stock is traded on several exchanges, including the NYSE and NASDAQ, and some of its shares are also traded on major US exchanges such as CBOE, NASDAQ OMX and NASD.