Overstock.com (OVER) announced Wednesday that it will require users to change their Twitter profile picture after an attack that stole more than $20,000.

Overstock said it has been working with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to secure users accounts.

The company said it will also be testing new tools that can be used to block spam messages, and it plans to offer users an alternative to using the social network.

The Instagram breach is the latest in a series of cyberattacks targeting Twitter.

Earlier this year, hackers used a botnet to steal more than 150,000 Instagram accounts from its platform.

Facebook has also been hit with attacks in recent months.

Over the last several years, Instagram has been targeted by cybercriminals who have targeted the company’s platform, Instagram Discover, and other services.

Instagram recently revealed that it had been the victim of a massive data breach in which more than 50 million users’ personal information was stolen and used to create fraudulent accounts.

Facebook, meanwhile, said in May that it was working with law enforcement to investigate the breach.