I’m sure you’ve heard the name, but what is it?

ZM stands for zMammoth Model, and it’s a brand new, all-new, all electric car.

What is it and how will it change the auto industry?

We asked the Z brand team to explain ZM, and the answer is… well… pretty much what you’d expect.

What is the “z”?ZM is a big, big, bold name for a car.

It’s not a brand name; it’s an acronym for Zmammoth model, which is the name for the zillions of electric cars and electric hybrids that are in production.

These cars are designed to be more efficient than other forms of transport, so they use electric motors to accelerate the vehicles and provide electric-powered backup power.ZM’s new flagship, the Z50, uses a Tesla Motors (TSLA) battery pack with 20kWh of battery capacity.

The company claims that it can achieve an energy density of 2.4 kWh/kilowatt hour (kWh/kWh) and a weight of just 0.62 tonnes (that’s roughly 3,500kg).

The car weighs in at 2,650kg.

That’s a tonne heavier than the Tesla Model S, and even more than the Nissan Leaf.

That’s more than enough to make it the lightest electric car on the planet, but ZM’s battery is also designed to run on natural gas, a fuel that has been widely used for transportation for years.

ZM says it can use 20kW of electricity from its battery pack, which means that it’s more energy efficient than any other electric car currently on the market.

That makes it an ideal candidate for electric cars, and a lot of people are looking forward to using ZMs in the future.

Zm is building an entire line of cars with batteries that are specifically designed to fit electric cars.

The Z50 will be the first one.

In its initial design phase, ZM is targeting a range of up to 200km (124 miles), but it’s also developing electric buses, buses for city transport, and, of course, a range for plug-in hybrids.

The car’s electric motor and batteries are designed for efficiency and longevity.

If ZM develops the Z30 model, it will be available in 2020.

If you want to see more of the Zm, we have a few more pictures of the new Z50 coming soon.