The holiday season is coming, and so are the holidays gifts.

As always, the big winners are those with a large assortment of gift ideas and a wide selection of the big companies in the industry.

The following stocks are in our Christmas Stockings.

(Stock data from

Christmas stockings: Starbucks stock: Up by a modest 0.2% over the last three months, but the stock has been on a steep climb for years, and its still climbing.

It has risen more than 25% in the past year alone. 

American Airlines stock: Up by a hefty 2.2%, which is pretty remarkable, given the fact that American Airlines was a much bigger loser than it was before the stock crash. 

General Electric stock: Not quite as great as the stock, but still up by 2.6%. 

The Walt Disney Co stock: It’s a big company with big stock performance. 

The Wall Street Journal’s Stock Picks blog: The Journal has a terrific selection of stocks for the holiday season. 

(Stock data available from Bloomberg data, plus more on the stock markets from Bloomberg and Dow Jones.)

Christmas gift ideas: Candy Crush Saga: Gift ideas that are all about the game, like these $1.5 billion (USD) mobile games. 

Giant, Inc.: The $6.4 billion (US) tech company is still growing and is currently trading at a solid level. 

Mozilla Firefox: Mojang is building an ambitious social media platform. 

Netflix is selling a lot of streaming video, and it’s in the process of selling a large number of video-on-demand (VOD) services, including the movie The Fate of the Furious. 

Amazon Prime Video: Prime Video, a streaming service for video that was launched in the US last year, is already in the $10 billion (HK$11.6 billion) range. 

Microsoft is reportedly looking at making video games available in its store. 

Walmart has a pretty strong Christmas shopping season. 

  Star Trek toys: ToysRUs, a toy retailer, is doing a great job of keeping its holiday season stock strong. 

Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm are all showing strong holiday sales, as are a number of smaller companies. 

Sci-fi and fantasy toys: Disney has a strong Christmas stock with more than $200 billion (AUD$219 billion) in sales this year, and Lego has a good showing as well. 

Jaws: Saw a lot more bad news for Jaws this year. 

Star Wars: With the release of The Force Awakens, Star Wars has seen its biggest fall in sales since it opened in 1977. 

 Starz, a cable network that started out as a competitor to HBO, has also suffered badly. 

Viacom, the parent of MTV and Nickelodeon, also saw its sales plummet. 

For a list of other holiday stock stocks and gift ideas, check out our Holiday Stockings for more information.