You’ve heard it all before: Snapchat has taken the world by storm with its social-media savvy.

Now it’s back to work on a few other things.

But before you buy into Snap’s latest foray into the social-video world, take a look at the basics of its business, and then take a step back and think about what’s really at stake.

The basic idea of Snapchat is simple.

It’s a photo-sharing app that allows users to take photos and upload them to one another.

In this way, the company says, it has created an entire ecosystem of apps that it is creating that will be used by millions of people worldwide.

The core feature of Snapchat, however, is the company’s app-to-camera feature, which is basically a way for users to post videos that they can then see through their camera, similar to how you might use a video camera to show a video on a television.

In a way, Snap has created a “sharing economy” in which you can share photos and videos with other people in a way that would be impossible without the company, said Tim O’Brien, the founder and chief executive of Snap.

The company says that the sharing economy is growing at an exponential rate.

But for the company to keep growing, it needs to make money.

And if it can’t make money, it can no longer afford to keep investing in new products and new business models.

In short, Snap needs to monetize itself.

It’s a difficult task for the app to achieve, but its business model is actually fairly simple.

The app wants to monetise its users by adding new features, advertising on its platform and offering in-app purchases.

The key to Snap’s success is to attract users who are willing to pay to get into the app.

Snapchat wants to get as many people as possible to use the app, O’Briens said.

That means advertising.

The idea is that users who pay to add a feature on Snapchat are more likely to use it.

In order to make a business of Snap, it must have an active ad business.

This means advertising on the platform is an integral part of the company.

It is not enough to have an ad business; advertisers also have to reach a certain threshold of users who want to be shown ads.

This threshold is called the click-through rate (CTR), and it’s something that advertisers are always looking for.

Snap is a very popular app.

The average user who has used the app on the Snapchat platform has visited the site at least 5,000 times, according to a study released by Kantar Worldpanel in December.

And when it comes to the average time users spend with the app (the time they spend viewing content), Snapchat has an average CTR of 9.5 percent, according with Kantar.

While Snapchat is certainly a successful app, it does not have the same reach and popularity that Facebook or Google do, O`Brien said.

The company has not been able to get enough eyeballs for ads, and that has made it hard for the platform to continue to grow.

In this new environment, Snapchat is looking to expand into new areas of business and find ways to make more money from ads, according O’Sullivan.

It has hired former Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg, who is also a Snapchat board member, to help lead Snap’s advertising efforts, according a company spokesperson.

“The fact that we’re looking to monetizing through advertising and creating more value for users is really important to us,” O’Malley said.

“We want to make sure we’re not just monetizing our product, but the way we build it, and how we deliver it.

This is why we’re going to continue making great ads that are compelling and meaningful for our users.

Snapchat is going to have to grow and grow in order to be successful in the long run.”

And as it does, Snapchat will need to look at how to increase its revenue and expand its user base.

The key to this, O”Brien said, is that it needs Snapchat to keep attracting users and growing its ad revenue.

This is the part where Snap has a problem.

The fact that Snapchat has a user base of more than 25 million users and that the app is being used to create the sharing economies that are at the heart of social media is just one of the ways that Snap has to keep improving its monetization, OBrien said during a recent investor call.

And if Snapchat cannot monetize its userbase, it cannot make money on advertising.

Snapchat has said that it plans to focus on improving the quality of its ads, including making them more relevant and engaging to its users.

But it will be hard to make the money it needs.

It will also be hard for Snapchat to compete with Google and Facebook in terms of revenues, Ollie Cottam, an analyst at Ovum, wrote in a recent note to