As the world’s largest e-commerce retailer, Amazon (AMZN) has long struggled to gain traction with shoppers who want to purchase their favorite brands and services from Amazon Prime.

Amazon stock has traded near its lowest level since late 2015 amid its slow recovery from a massive data breach that impacted hundreds of millions of users and affected the company’s stock price.

However, Amazon stock rose in early 2018 as Amazon Prime members began buying items like TVs, video games and other goods.

However as Prime members started to make purchases, the stock price took a sharp dive as it declined for most of the year.

Now, the Amazon stock is trading at a more bullish level as Prime sales continue to accelerate.

For example, the company announced a new Prime subscription service on Tuesday that includes free shipping and returns.

It also has a new free shipping offer for Prime members and other customers who pay for Prime.

For the first time, Amazon Prime customers can get a new Amazon Prime-branded TV with the latest and greatest Amazon content, Amazon Music and Amazon Video.

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