The stock market in Japan is a bit of a rollercoaster ride right now.

While it’s still fairly profitable for large companies, it has fallen behind in the international market and the U.S. has been holding on to a chunk of the market.

That’s where a group of Japanese investors are betting on a massive growth in the market in the years to come.

For the past year, they’ve been putting a lot of money into Japan’s stock market.

Since April 1, they have put nearly $1 billion into the stock market, which is roughly double the amount they put into their own investments in 2016.

And it’s not only the stock-market investors that have come out on top: there’s also a large group of smaller investors that are hoping to make their money back.

For most of the past two decades, Japan’s capitalization has been one of the lowest in the world, with a GDP of just over $12 trillion.

However, with the world economy struggling and a recession looming, the country’s financial system has struggled with a lot.

While Japan has long been a place to invest, the crisis and the slowdown in the global economy have slowed the country to a crawl.

So, for the last year, the Japanese government has tried to get the country back on its feet.

It’s spent billions of yen on infrastructure projects and created an ambitious social safety net.

It has invested heavily in social security, education and infrastructure, and is also investing heavily in research and development.

All of these efforts are intended to improve the quality of life for Japanese people and make the country more competitive globally.

However, as the Japanese economy has suffered, the government has been reluctant to invest more in the country.

That hasn’t stopped Japanese companies from taking risks, and that’s a trend that will only continue.

In fact, in the first quarter of 2018, the stock of Japanese companies jumped by nearly 8% year-over-year, which isn’t all that much to brag about.

However that’s still an incredible jump, and it’s likely to continue as the country is expected to have the world’s third-largest economy.