Amazon shares rose after Microsoft shares gained in premarket trading on Friday.

The company posted a profit for the third consecutive quarter and its shares rose 1.3 percent after the tech giant posted its fourth-straight quarterly profit.

Microsoft reported a loss of $11.1 billion, or $1.03 per share.

Its shares rose 2.4 percent to $96.30 on the New York Stock Exchange.

Apple shares fell $1,000 after the company reported a quarterly loss of 1 cents per share, beating analysts’ estimates.

Its market value fell 2.1 percent to close at $74.77.

Apple shares rose $0.10 to $77.09.

Amazon shares climbed $0,000 to $81.42.

Google shares fell after the search giant reported a profit of $12.4 billion, beating estimates.

Alphabet’s shares fell by 2.5 percent to 1,567.10.

Its value fell 0.6 percent to more than $8.9 trillion.

Google posted a $2.6 billion loss for the quarter.

Its earnings beat analysts’ expectations.

Its shares rose 3.7 percent to nearly $52.55.

Apple posted a net loss of almost $2 billion.

Its net income came to just over $9 billion.

Apple posted a loss in its fiscal year that ended March 31, 2018.

Apple reported a $3.3 billion loss, but the company said it had adjusted its profit forecasts and it said its profits will be higher in 2019.

Microsoft posted a positive $3 billion profit for its fiscal fourth quarter, beating Wall Street forecasts.

Its profits will beat Wall Street’s estimates, Microsoft said.

Google reported a net profit of about $10 billion for the fiscal third quarter, and it will be better than Wall Street.

Its profit will be above Wall Street estimates, Google said.

Apple and Microsoft posted similar results, with Google reporting a profit that beat Wall St. estimates.

Apple’s profits will go higher in fiscal 2019 than in fiscal 2020, said Microsoft’s chief financial officer, Michael Moritz.

Google said its revenue growth will be stronger than expected.

Microsoft’s earnings will be up about $4 billion.

Apple is reporting a loss, according to analysts at Jefferies.

Microsoft shares rose 0.5% to $82.88 on Friday on Wall Street, after the technology giant posted a fourth-quarter profit of nearly $4.9 billion and a profit boost from its acquisition of Skype.

Apple said its earnings per share for the year ended March 29 was $8,000, compared with $7,600 for Microsoft’s results.

Apple also posted a strong earnings report for the fourth quarter and a second-quarter report for its digital division.

Apple reported quarterly profit of roughly $3,400.

Its operating profit rose nearly 6% to almost $7 billion.

Microsoft said its quarterly profit was about 20 percent higher than Wall St.’s estimates.

The tech giant said its operating profits rose 19 percent to just shy of $10.2 billion, compared to $9.5 billion for Microsoft.

Microsoft is forecasting its first profit increase in the company’s history in fiscal 2018.

It expects its operating profit to be slightly higher than its fiscal 2017 profits.

Microsoft will report its fourth quarter results later this month.

Apple, Microsoft and Facebook will release their results on Friday, while Twitter, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Instagram and Twitter are expected to release their fourth quarter earnings.

Apple on Friday reported a record quarterly profit for fiscal year 2018, beating forecasts.

The firm earned $37.9 million, or more than 40 percent more than Wall street’s revenue forecast, as Apple and Microsoft continued to build a lucrative digital empire.

Apple and Google posted $2,738 billion and $2-1.2 trillion in revenue, respectively, in fiscal 2017.

Microsoft was able to capture $20 billion of that revenue with the sale of Skype and the acquisition of WhatsApp, according the company.

Microsoft has been expanding its reach into new markets with the acquisition and sale of AOL, as well as other businesses.

Microsoft last week announced that it is acquiring AOL for $44 billion.

The acquisition is valued at $25 billion.