I’m not sure exactly when I think that time will come, but I think it will happen at some point this year.

Facebook stock has had a stellar 2017.

Its outperformed every major indicator in the S&P 500 (including Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Cisco, Netflix and Twitter), as well as many other stocks.

In fact, it’s outperformed almost every major index in the past five years.

And the stock has even outperformed many of the most-valuable stocks in the history of the world (Facebook is by far the most valuable stock in the world).

But now that Facebook stock is so high and is on a trajectory to triple in value (as I wrote earlier this year), it’s clear that many investors want to own it and are willing to pay a premium for it.

The good news for Facebook investors is that there is plenty of reason to think that Facebook will continue to grow, and that its value will continue its steady ascent.

The bad news is that it is extremely difficult to buy or sell Facebook stock at this point, even if you are willing and able to take advantage of the tremendous price swings that occur in the stock market.

If you are an investor with a large amount of cash, it can be difficult to find a place to put your money.

And if you have a smaller amount of money, it might be even more difficult to put it in the best place to do so.

So when you look at the data, you can’t ignore the fact that the stock is now way out of reach for many investors, and it’s likely to remain that way for a long time.

It might even end up on the market as a zero-sum game, because the market is now pricing in an incredible premium for Facebook stock.

In other words, if you want to buy it, you’re going to have to take a hit on the price of the stock.

So I wouldn’t recommend buying Facebook stock right now.

There are several reasons for this.

First, there are just not enough people who have access to Facebook stock, let alone the cash to buy the stock (or any stock).

So it’s unlikely that any of these people will actually be able to put their money in Facebook stock before its price goes up, let along before the market prices it at a ridiculously high premium.

Second, the stock’s valuation is based on the expectations of many people (like me) who are very high on the stock and very low on the company.

If Facebook’s valuation goes up too much, those investors will take a big hit on their money, and they won’t be able (or willing) to put money in the company for years to come.

So while the stock might be undervalued, it could still go up very quickly if it doesn’t get a lot of new investors.

Third, the shares are priced in ways that make them highly volatile.

In addition to the massive swings that happen in the market, Facebook’s stock price has been volatile in recent years.

For example, the company went through a significant spike in 2013 (after its IPO) that saw its value soar by $2.3 billion (or about $25 billion).

In other instances, Facebook shares have gone down by up to 30 per cent or more (like in the case of Netflix).

These are extreme cases, but they are the kind of extreme swings that investors are more or less prepared to take on.

In short, the current valuation of Facebook stock could end up being way out-of-reach for many people, and its future may be a lot more uncertain than it seems right now, given that its valuation is high but is not sustainable.

If the stock does go up too fast, I would be worried that people will buy into the stock too early, which would make it harder for the stock to get back on track to its previous value.

If it does go down too fast (as has happened), I would worry that investors will be very short on cash, and the company could even go bankrupt before its valuation recovers.

This scenario is likely to happen more often than I think we are prepared to see.

So even though I think Facebook will eventually reach a level of valuation that is sustainable for the long term, it will likely not happen until the company’s valuation gets back to where it was before the IPO, and there are a number of factors that could prevent that.

In this context, I am hesitant to buy into Facebook stock for now, even though the stock may well hit its current valuation in 2018.

In a lot, if not all, of the situations where Facebook stocks have gone up so fast and so quickly, there have been a number other factors that were probably more important.

And in all of these cases, Facebook was very lucky to get so far ahead of its competitors in technology and other areas, which helped it gain a dominant position in the global economy. But