Quantum Leap, the company behind Quantum, has a new home in the United States.

It’s been a year since it was acquired by the Quantum Games, but that hasn’t stopped its momentum from picking up steam in the space of just two years.

The new company announced on Wednesday that it has signed a deal to launch Quantum Games Inc., an interactive entertainment company focused on bringing new ways to experience VR and AR gaming.

In a press release, Quantum Games said it will “provide strategic leadership and innovation in the VR and augmented reality gaming industry through its Quantum Leap business, a company focused exclusively on VR and/or AR gaming.”

The company’s new owners will be taking over from a number of former Quantum Games employees, including CEO Nick Riehl.

The company says it is “working closely with our existing and new customers to further our mission to bring the best in VR and virtual reality gaming to consumers, developers, retailers, publishers, and the broader public.”

Quantum Leap has made a number products since it closed its doors last year, including the popular game Minecraft, a virtual reality headset that the company said is compatible with its latest and greatest products, and a virtual pet tracking app.

The studio says it has created “several highly anticipated titles,” and will soon release a number more.

The team is aiming to be able to bring its games to VR and the AR, and they say that they are confident they can do so.

“We’re confident that we will deliver on our promise to the public,” Quantum Games CEO Nick Bensa said in a statement.

“The new partners will continue to be responsible for delivering on the promise and will have the ability to build a strong portfolio of VR and other AR games to be released in the future.

We look forward to working with them and all the other partners we’ve had over the last year.”

Quantum Games will also be creating new titles based on the Quantum team’s existing titles, as well as new projects for its existing partners.

The press release says Quantum Leap will focus on games and AR applications.

Quantum Leap is also working on new VR games.

Quantum Games is also developing a new AR game.

It says that its new AR games will “bring the best of VR to consumers with a new level of depth and realism.”

The team says that these games will also support a number new “immersive experiences” that “will not only bring new and exciting VR experiences to users, but will also bring new forms of interaction and experiences for people to enjoy.”

Quantum is also looking to take advantage of the new AR and VR market in other ways.

“In addition to our AR games and VR experiences, Quantum Leap aims to bring a new breed of AR games that will offer a more personal and personalized experience,” the company says.

Quantum is not alone in trying to make VR and VR-based games accessible.

Earlier this year, Valve announced that it was adding VR support to the SteamVR platform.

Other companies have tried to do the same.

Google announced on Tuesday that it will support VR for the first time in Chrome, and Oculus is also planning to support VR in the near future.

“VR is here, and we’ve got a great VR ecosystem,” Valve CEO Gabe Newell said in the statement.

Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe added, “We’ll be creating VR experiences for you, and for other developers.”