The price of LMGN, the maker of the lithium ion battery for smartphones and tablets, rose 5.8% to $13.75 in morning trade.

LMGNs shares have risen more than 5% since Monday.

Lithium ion batteries have a high energy density but are relatively expensive.

They have a long history of innovation and have been used in cellphones, tablets and other devices for years.LMGN also has its own battery business, and its battery business is growing quickly.

The battery company reported fourth-quarter profit of $1.8 billion, and fourth-year revenue of $16.5 billion.

The company said that its revenues in the third quarter rose to $1 billion, from $938 million the previous year.

The growth was largely driven by the introduction of a new generation of lithium-ion batteries, which have a lower energy density and smaller size.

The company said it now has more than 1.5 million lithium-based batteries on the market.

Lumens, a unit of Lian Li Holdings, had the highest volume of the 10 companies in this report.

Its shares have surged almost 10% in the past 24 hours.

Lionel Solar, a subsidiary of the Chinese manufacturer SolarWorld, had its earnings for the second quarter down by more than 7%.

It said revenue fell 3% to almost $3.4 billion.

The earnings were a record low, as it was unable to fully cover the costs of the solar power plant.

The solar industry has suffered a series of bad news for the past few months, and the company has also been struggling with low demand for its batteries, according to the Wall Street Journal.

SolarWorld had $11.3 billion in revenue in the second-quarter, down about 4% from the same period a year ago.