I’m getting ready to put the Oculus Rift on the shelf for a while, and after a few minutes of messing around with it, I realized it has a lot of things that other VR headsets just don’t have.

That includes an internal display, a solid, comfortable headset, and a good pair of lenses.

The first, the Oculus View, comes with an internal OLED display, which is fine for a quick overview of your surroundings without being too distracting.

The second, the Rift Pro, offers a lot more than that.

The headset is comfortable, with a cushy headband and a comfortable ear cup.

There’s also a built-in stereo speakers that can drive a headset up to 1080p.

It also has the built-ins 3D Touch and Touch controllers, plus an adjustable mic that lets you adjust volume.

While I’m excited to try out the Oculus Pro, I think the View is worth the extra money if you want to see what you can get for a few hundred bucks.

I’m going to compare the Oculus’ two main headsets, the $100 Rift and $100 Oculus View.

You can see the full review right here, but in the meantime, let’s get started.