Apple stock has seen some impressive gains over the past few years.

But it remains far from the company’s all-time highs, which was in question last month when its stock started its second week of declines.

Apple is trading at a high price of $142.55 per share.

But the tech giant has recently taken a major step toward rebounding, with its stock gaining over 50% over the last six months, according to data from Bloomberg Intelligence.

For the most part, Apple’s stock has continued to climb during the recovery, with the company currently sitting at a market value of $173.28 per share, according a recent report from Bloomberg.

Apple shares have risen from their all-times low in late 2016, and continued to rise throughout the year.

But this week, the tech company experienced a massive sell-off after reports emerged of its chief executive, Tim Cook, having an affair with a former business partner.

At the time, many investors were concerned that the company was moving toward an eventual sale of its valuable stock, with many expecting the stock to tank in the months to come.

In an effort to help bolster its stock, Apple stock began a series of dividend payments on Tuesday.

The company announced a dividend payment of 2.5 cents per share on Tuesday, up from 1.5 cent in the prior quarter.

“It’s a pretty strong dividend, and I think we’re still in a good spot,” said Jim Gee, chief investment officer at Renaissance Capital.

That’s helped the stock gain more than a quarter, from $17.38 per share to $20.95 per share since Tuesday, according of a Bloomberg analysis.

While investors continue to believe Apple will eventually be able to return to its all-Time highs, the stock is still far from that point.

According to the Bloomberg analysis, the company had an operating profit of $1.3 billion in the first quarter of 2017, down from $2.4 billion in Q1 2016.

With that amount of cash, Apple will be able only make up for the losses of its last quarter, which totaled $1 billion.

Its stock has also dropped by more than 50% in the last month, falling to $73.90 per share as of the end of June.