A McDonald’s spokesperson told Axios the company would not comment on whether it planned to raise more money for the US.

McDonald’s is the most profitable US company, with a market value of $8.3 trillion, according to Forbes.

“The company is focused on growing its global footprint through acquisitions and investing in new restaurants and other initiatives to strengthen its position in the fast-food sector,” the spokesperson said.

Shares of McDonald’s have rallied since the company announced a plan to increase its workforce by 40 percent over the next three years, citing a need to create jobs.

McDonalds is a fast-growing company with a net sales growth of about 22 percent over a three-year period, according the company.

Investors were particularly optimistic about the McDonald’s share price after the company said on Friday it plans to raise about $600 million in a new financing round, including a $500 million buyout of the entire company.

McD’s shares fell 2.8 percent on Friday to $79.70.