On Thursday, the Irish Stock Exchange (ISX) announced it had sold a minority stake in the company RTE to an Irish investment fund.

The Irish government confirmed that the sale was completed on Thursday.

RTE has a market value of approximately €3.4 billion ($4.5 billion).

The investment fund, called RTE Ireland, will hold a 40% stake in RTE and an interest in the Irish broadcaster.

RtE will also receive a dividend of 2.5% to be paid to shareholders, according to the company.

The news came just days after the Irish government announced the sale of its stake in Irish broadcaster RTE for a sum of €3 billion ($3.8 billion).

RTE’s share price was up 8% to €4.30 at the time of the announcement.

Rte’s shares have gained about a fifth of their value since the news of the sale broke.

RTV (formerly RTE), which was the first major Irish television broadcaster to be sold to an overseas fund, was bought in 2006 for a total of €2.7 billion ($2.9 billion).

Its stock was bought by a new investment fund with a valuation of about €2 billion.

RTV (formerly RTÉ) was also bought by an Irish investor, but this deal was cancelled in 2014 after the broadcaster’s finances were brought under control.

Rtv (formerly Talk) was sold to a British investment fund in 2008.

RTC (formerly Radio Ireland) was bought out in 2011 and has since been bought by British broadcaster Sky.

In March 2018, the British government sold the remaining stake in Talk, which was worth €1.3 billion.

The remaining Irish assets, including RTE, are owned by the Irish Government.