With Amazon announcing a plan to sell off the bulk of its US operations, some investors are taking their time to decide which stocks to buy.

Here are some of the stocks that are expected to be bought in the near future.

Alibaba, which is based in the US and was the world’s biggest e-commerce company by sales in 2016, is likely to go under soon, according to Jefferies analyst Shao Jiang.

Jiang has been monitoring the Alibaba market for a while, and he says the company will likely fall to about $100bn in the first quarter of 2019.

The company has also said that it expects to make a significant investment in its India business.

Alipay, a Chinese-owned payment and payment processor, has been a strong contender for buyers.

Alitay has said that its growth is expected to accelerate, and it expects its growth to be at the rate of about 1% per year.

Alitsa, an internet payments platform, has seen its market capitalisation rise by more than $20bn in three years, according the New York Stock Exchange.

The firm has seen a surge in its revenue from mobile payments and online shopping, which are its two main revenue streams.

Altsa said that in the current year, it generated about $7bn in revenue, which translates to about 11% of the total revenue of Alibaba.

Alpaca, a cloud storage company, has also seen its stock rise by about 15% since 2016.

Alpes, a social network that is used to keep track of and connect users across the globe, has increased its market cap by about $1bn, according a recent report from New York-based Capital IQ.

Alpacas market cap jumped by almost $8bn this year, according data from VentureBeat.

Alta, a mobile payments platform and a company that provides payment services for brands and organisations, has risen by about 10% since last year.

According to Alta’s website, it has raised $1.6bn in Series C funding, which it expects will be used to increase the amount of money it can raise through Series C financing.

Altec, a network that allows businesses to share content and manage data on the web, has gained more than 100% since its last Series C round in January 2017.

Altech, a communications software company that helps companies connect with their customers on the internet, has surged more than 40% in value over the past year.

Its market cap has jumped by more to $1 billion this year.

Ancillary Services, a technology company that uses AI and artificial intelligence to deliver the next generation of cloud services, has climbed by more $4bn since 2016, according DataCanyon.

Algo has also gained $4.5bn in value since its Series C in 2016.

In terms of total valuation, Ancillary services has risen more than 70% since 2017, according Alix Partners.

Incentives are one of the ways that Alibaba plans to increase its revenues in the coming years.

According the report from Capital IQ, the Alibaba stock market is expected on average to grow by about 4.6% in 2019.

However, analysts have said that the company is likely not to achieve its long-term goal of having a market cap of $100 billion in the next decade.

Alphasa said it sees growth in its business from its core business, with about 25% growth in the core businesses.

Alita said its growth will continue, with the company expected to see growth of about 3% per annum over the next five years.

Alinor, an artificial intelligence platform, is expected increase its valuation by about 40% from 2019 to 2020, according research firm IDC.

Alinet, an analytics platform, increased its valuation in 2019 by about 20%.

Alitam, a digital payments company, is set to increase their market cap to about 80% by 2020, from 80% in 2018, according IDC data.

Alix has seen their market capitalization grow by $8 billion in 2017, and Altec by about 25%.

Altec has seen growth of more than 25% since 2020, while Alinor has seen about 15%.

Alinot, an information services platform, rose by about 35% from 2018 to 2020.

Alino, an e-resort platform, gained about $4 billion in 2019, according Research Analytics.

Alina, a health and wellness technology company, saw its market value increase by more then $1 trillion over the same period.

Alinos market cap rose by more on average over the period.

In a press release, Alibaba said that they have raised a total of $9.3bn in funding, with around 40% of this coming from institutional investors and venture capital investors.

Albertsa, a global information and communication technology platform, saw a 40% increase in their market value between 2017 and 2019, and a 30% increase over the last two years.