A new report by CNNMoney suggests that Coca-Cola is seeing a slight increase in its stock price following the recent spike in the number of people in the United States being infected with the Zika virus.

According to the CNNMoney report, Coca-Cola’s stock price has climbed since January to $37.60, a 25% increase since last week.

CNNMoney said the increase in Coca-cola’s market value, which is based on the company’s revenue, stock price and stock price target, is due to the increasing number of cases of the mosquito-borne virus being reported in the U.S.

A number of other major corporations have seen their stock prices rise following the Zika crisis, including Wal-Mart, which has gained about 13% over the past few weeks.

The stock price of the retailer has increased over 40% in the past two months.

Coca-Cola, which owns a large amount of water and has a stake in several water utilities, has been criticized for its lack of transparency with regard to its Zika crisis response.

In a statement, Coca Colas parent company Coca-Hévène, said that the increase has been due to a “natural uptick” in cases and that the company is “committed to supporting local communities and protecting our supply chain” in the region.